Nexon bringing Mabinogi back online, compensating affected players

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Nexon has brought Mabinogi back online, and the company tells Massively that "the issues that led us to temporarily disable service have been addressed."

The free-to-play sandbox was offline for nearly 40 hours last weekend, and Nexon will be compensating players with 5,000 NX (the company's cash shop currency), a two-day extension of VIP/Premium/Inventory Plus service, and a forthcoming double XP event. Nexon also tells us that players who were directly affected by the recent malicious activity will receive an additional 5,000 NX (10,000 total) and will have their lost items restored.

If you think you've been affected by the recent attacks, contact Nexon Support directly, and be sure to provide the following info when submitting your ticket:

account name

character name

character server

date of malicious activity

items missing/removed

name of malicious character (if available)

Finally, affected players should include the keyword MUGWORTS in their support ticket summary field to assist in filtering and processing.