Potions you can either make yourself by becoming an Alchemist


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There are really three other types of items you should never go into the world without as a warrior, and all of them have Mabinogi Gold to do with healing - potions, bandages, and food.

Potions you can either make yourself by becoming an Alchemist, loot off of humanoids or buy from other players. You will quickly realize just how vital these are to your general survival in World of Warcraft.

A potion can do everything from free you from a stun lock to heal you for a considerable amount of damage, instantly and while you are in combat.

The only down side to potions is that they are on a 2 minute cool down, so if you drink one of any kind, you will have to wait for the cool down to drink another, even if it is a different type of potion. (The only exception to this is potions which buff your stats and are intended to use before entering combat.)

Health potions and free movement potions like those mentioned above are absolutely necessary as a warrior, especially if you are soloing anything.

There are rage potions which will grant you instant rage, but I’ve found that instant health is more useful to me.