Remember the childhood dream?

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Time as fleeting, unconsciously, "Rocky" had been almost 6 years old, along with the players we have gone through countless sorrows and joys, and moving. Now, we want to have support, has been accompanied by "Rocky" all my friends to send a gift - nostalgic and welcoming the new heart, "Rocky," the sixth anniversary of the big birthday party today unveiled the Legends! Invite you to invite all Mabinogian share joy together!

Remember the childhood dream? What is with you all the way to go hand in hand, what with your Mutual, is experiencing growing with you? Is the "Rocky", the home that you remember, that you’re eternal home. Also are you, step by step to witness the "Rocky" classic and unsurpassed today. Since in this together, let us work together to expect the next many, many years, we can still spend in Erin, happy go on forever.