The Great Battle in Mabinogi

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Both sides put out a call for mages, sorcerers, healers and rogues to join the battle. When thousands responded, father fought son and friend slay friend in what became a worldwide civil war. For generations the war continued with tens of thousands perishing by the sword, magic, or bow; most fighting for a cause they had long since forgotten.

In the Spirit Realm a climactic battle occurred between the Gods of Light and Dark. In his arrogance, Eres challenged Apollon to a duel to control Iris. The two mighty beings clashed in the battle of the Ages. They matched blow for blow for centuries, until each collapsed, exhausted from combat. Both wounded and spent, they retreated to their respective realms. Eres severed his connection with the Titans in order to preserve what power he had left. Apollon, left his people with a promise of his return.