Challenging Shout can be used in any stance in an emergency

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Challenging Shout: Challenging Shout is useful only for escort missions and group play. It requires all Mabinogi online gold nearby enemies to focus their attacks on you for 6 seconds.

It has a 10 minute cool down, so you’re not going to be able to hold their attention forever, but this can be a good sacrifice play in a dying group to allow your healers to get away and therefore come back and resurrect you later.

For escort missions and other situations where you are functioning as a pure tank, this is great to distract from either your NPC or your healers, mages and other damage dealers who can’t take damage as well as you can.

Challenging Shout can be used in any stance in an emergency, but if you have the time and the rage (it only costs 5, not too difficult) try to be in Defensive Stance before you shout, as this will help make sure you stay alive for the entire 6 seconds.

This is very useful for healers who tend to wait until about 20% health to do their more powerful healing spells - build up some rage when you see that you’re beating them, then hit them with a Shield Bash when you see them start to cast at lower health and finish with Execute.