How to enchant in Mabinogi

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1. The first thing you must learn to "enchant" skill in Mabinogi. Once you understand that the technology automatically equipped with a magic powder, can be found in the dungeon treasure box. It will only be "practice" in the world, and you will need to use an actual rolling skills.

2. Equip a magic powder on one hand, and the enchant scroll on another hand.

3. Use the "enchant" skill, and select an equipment in your inventory that you wish to enchant.

4. You will see a window displaying the success %, which asks you to click "OK" to proceed or "cancel" the process.

5. A magic powder will consume every attempt. If you fail, you will need another magic powder, and then try again, assuming there are some health left to scroll. Or, you can not enchant skills in game. This can be done by anyone to confuse scroll by right clicking and selecting "use."

However, this method will completely disappear with scrolling if you have failed. You do not succeed, raise money from your interpretation, the success rate is very low, we believe that about 50%. It is still too much damage to your device, if that fails.